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Samsung announces new microSD and SD High capacity and speed

A problem that often happens is that many devices do not have sufficient space to store lots of multimedia files like photos, videos, music, etc. Because of this, many people choose to make use of memory cards, which can greatly increase the storage capacity of your device. This reminded me, for some reason, when An IT support company in London called Prosyn helped me to relocate offices because I wasn’t happy with the space and thought that it was too small for my growing business. Anyway, moving on,  in the market, there are many manufacturers of memory cards and of course they are available in many capacities. One of the major manufacturers is Samsung, which will soon have an entirely new product for sale.

The guys at Samsung have released their latest models microSD and SD card memory. The new cards belong to the lines Evo Pro Plus and Plus, as announced by South Korea. The new Pro Plus are geared primarily for professionals who need to quickly transfer power anywhere and carry your multimedia files such as high-resolution photos or videos in 4K. On the other hand, the new Evo Plus are oriented toward those seeking to improve the storage capacity of devices such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and camcorders.

The Pro Plus comes in two capacities: 32 GB and 64 GB, and there are also SD and microSD models. The read speed is up to 95 MB / s while writing is up to 90 MB / s. The Evo Plus is also available in both microSD and SD, and also come in various memory capacities including 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Their rates are slightly lower than the other line, and reading speeds can be up to 80 MB / s while writing is a maximum of 20 MB / s.

The new microSD cards belonging to these two lines will be launched this month and next month will be available in SD format.

This new technology in storage cards should really spur other companies to follow suit. I’m looking forward to the increased speed and storage capacity these cards promise. That’s not all Samsung has been up to these days, though! They also have some new mobile developments.

New details of the Galaxy Note 5 next Note Edge

Although the Galaxy Edge S6 and S6 have been available for a few weeks, some people are already waiting for the next high-end models of Samsung, among which is included a new Galaxy Note, of course. Well, actually there are two Notes that are expected: on the one hand we have the Galaxy Note 5 and on the other the next generation of Note Edge, which would probably be called Edge Note 2 or something like that. In any case, they have recently started running new rumors about these smartphones, and I will share these details with you.

According to what is said out there on the grape vine, both the Note 5 as the new Note Edge will be officially announced during the 2015 edition of the IFA in September, which is no surprise since previous models were presented in the same event. With regard to technology, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will have a Super AMOLED screen with 4K resolution (others say it will be 2K) and make use of the Samsung Exynos 7422 chip, which today is among the best 810 Market next to Qualcomm.

The Galaxy Note 5 uses a special chip in which all major components, ie CPU, GPU, modem, memory storage and RAM, something not often seen in this market would be incorporated.

With regard to the next generation Edge Note, this time its specifications will not be the best the market can offer, in fact in some ways be like the model 2014. The chip will be a Snapdragon 808, we will have a screen 5, 4 inches extending to both sides (similar to S6 Edge) and also will feature a 16 megapixel camera and will have 16 GB of internal memory edges.

No data about the materials that Samsung plans to use, but it is likely that this time we will see more metal and less plastic.

Exciting news for phone lovers, but those busy bees at Samsung still are not finished yet! They’ve really been dominating the tech news outlets.

Samsung launched its SmartWatch round by the Galaxy Note 5

In recent months, there have been several rumors about the launch of a new SmartWatch by Samsung, a clock that apparently would use a similar round design as the Moto 360 for example. Unfortunately, we did not get to see it at CES 2015 nor during the MWC when it announced the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. SmartWatch is said to be called Samsung Gear A and we may not be able to see it until September. What major event occurs in September? For the IFA, one of the largest technology fairs in the world.

Samsung has already made clear that it wants its next SmartWatch to be “perfect” in every way possible, therefore it is expected to be taking so long to launch. Of course, it is the users who have the final word on the perfection of the products, so long that the South Korean investment in the SmartWatch should have no illusions in any case.

The company never gave an approximate date of presentation, much less launch, but if the rumors prove true then the new clock will be debuting next to Galaxy Note 5 in September, and probably also by the Edge Note 2. The idea to launch the new SmartWatch with its next generation of phablets undoubtedly is a good one, because after all they could not do with the new Galaxy S6 and an event alone could not be the best for the future clock.

In any case, this was not officially confirmed yet and probably the official details will be only available at the end of August, at which time insurance Samsung will start sending out invitations for the presentation at the IFA 2015.

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