Even If It’s Difficult To Access, Apple Watch Also Tells Time

By / May 17, 2015 / News, Reviews

“So excited for the Apple Watch. For centuries, we’ve checked the time by
looking at our phones. Having it on your wrist? Genius. #AppleLive

With this pithy tweet, Ellen DeGeneres summed up one of the most widespread feelings about the presentation of Apple Watch. Containing everything in your mobile device now will be much more accessible without even having to reach into your pocket. This saves tremendous kinetic energy, which will probably give us extra energy to really kill it in the gym, right? This whole smart watch endeavor highlights a trend in modern technological progress: go back. Looking to the styles and trends of the past that have, in many ways, been replaced by technology, is now in an ironic way influencing its future.

Of all the news of the launch of the new product, the least important was how exactly it told time. Analog? Digital? It gives exactly the same, because the clock is simply a container in which to dump the technology that we have created and that we must get everywhere but is relatively useless itself, like the carton around the milk.

After emptying of meaning mobile phone and leave only “mobile” precisely by the fact that, today, practically the only operators call 1004 and do something similar with books, iPad using; now Apple’s plan focuses on changing completely our concept so important in the male wardrobe as the clock accessory. The next step for the company in California is still a mystery to us, but by a simple syllogism, it is not hard to guess where to go dead.

So, once assumed that Q (the inventor of gadgets James Bond) works at Apple, all the everyday objects that had something forgotten are now likely to mutate into new object of techie desire and cost the same as the gross domestic product a medium-sized country. The conquest of the glasses has already begun (hello, Google and Samsung Glass Gear); The earrings will probably be left behind because they are something that only Harrison Ford and David Beckham can really pull off, and it is not economical to manufacture gadgets only marketable to two people around the world; but there is still a universe of possibilities waiting to be rediscovered and explored.

The rings are quickly transformed into small mobile devices capable of the same as your computer; that is, the same thing that makes your smartphone, as well as makes your tablet and now, as does your watch. So any part of your body will feel displaced and to consult only have to lift a finger, which, as everyone knows, is much less tiring to bend the arm and lift him to look at the wrist. There will be born ‘Apple Ring’. The population fervently wait at the door of the shops to get one of the two sizes that will get the market: that lets you move the finger and no. Everyone will want the second, of course, because the average pixel screen has more. And that, friends, is noted.

A few years later further questions may arise. Does anyone remember perhaps the tie clips? Yes, they come in handy for a quick Father’s Day gift, and your uncle gave you one with the shield of Real Madrid, but other than that they are largely forgotten. Don’t you think it is time that you can connect to the Internet from your tie clips? Because we believe so. It will be called something like “Apple Tie Pin” or “iTie Pin” get up that day according to Tim Cook, and he can do things as revolutionary as check your Instagram or send the emoji of the two fish hooked on a stick -the Best of all-emoji any of your friends. I consult cause serious back problems and, because of the size of your screen, is more than likely not serve to engage the tie. In fact, it is more likely to wrinkle it, but who cares, the wearer will not have to raise his arm to watch the clock! And we know how this goes. More kinetic energy saving, more progress. So we have established and so we have to comply.

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