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mazon SimpleDB is a NoSQL database system oriented around columns, allowing developers to store and query structured data by making requests to Web services. Designed to provide high availability and flexibility, it alleviates the administration of the database. Amazon SimpleDB is a database of offers as a service (DBaaS) hosted. To qualify, you must configure an account that will allow you to store and query data via queries. A professional company can help you manage these IT services.

Amazon SimpleDB Functionality

You can create and store multiple data sets, query your data and return the results. Here are the key points:

  • Subscriber: application, script or software using Amazon SimpleDB service. The AWS Access Key ID uniquely identifies each subscriber for billing and metering.
  • Amazon SimpleDB query: single API call web service with associated data sent by the service subscriber Amazon SimpleDB for executing one or more operations.
  • Amazon SimpleDB Answer: response and possible results returned by the Amazon SimpleDB services to the subscriber after processing the request. The AWS platform manages authentication successes and failures.

Amazon SimpleDB completely relieves you of the work required to operate a production database. It is therefore a data storage option for the logging of information on conditions or events, to updates of statements on recurring activities, work processes or applications and device states. With Amazon SimpleDB, you can just “set and forget” these data logs and use them for various purposes, such as surveillance or monitoring, metering, trend analysis, auditing and archiving, or regulatory compliance.

In addition, Amazon SimpleDB is perfectly suited to the management of online games. It offers developers of online games, regardless of platform, a highly available database, that is scalable and without administration for game data and users. However, if you need to perform more complex operations than the basic storage and retrieval, such as data comparisons, GROUP BY operations or data aggregation, Amazon SimpleDB is not as powerful.

Offers Amazon SimpleDB

All AWS support levels allow you to submit an unlimited number of support cases, with pricing by month and no long term commitment. Developers and businesses can choose from the following levels:

  • Basic (included) : provides a 24/7 customer service.
  • Developer: added support for best practices and a guaranteed response time to incidents within 12 hours.
  • Business : added API support and a guaranteed response time to incidents less than an hour.
  • Company: adds direct access to a Technical Account Manager and Infrastructure Event Management and a guaranteed response time to incidents under 15 minutes.

To access the offer DBaaS hosted Amazon SimpleDB, you must have an Amazon Web Services account. If this is not the case, you will be prompted to create one at the beginning of the registration process in Amazon SimpleDB.

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