Why Should Small Businesses Move their Accounting to the Cloud?

By / September 21, 2015 / accounting

With cloud-computing taking over in all fields, accounting has not been left behind and many small businesses are now taking to it. There are many solutions developed to operate online and keep all financial data safe and easily accessible. With easy access to the data only necessitating internet access, the convenience these solutions offer business owners has made it quite a lucrative option. But does cloud accounting have more benefits than doing things the old way?

Imagine one day you walk into your office, switch the computer on and find that some virus has erased all the contents of your hard drive. You may think that the fact that you are using the latest anti-virus software could save you. With the IT industry evolving day by day however, this is not always the case. More evasive viruses are being made with the malicious intent of frustrating you. Many computers with what claims to be the best anti-virus software have been attacked by lethal worms and viruses. When this happens, it means that you lose all your accounting data in the blink of an eye. Thinking that you could always use your back-up copy? How often do you update that? Even if you do it daily, you are bound to have some gaps in the data you get. With cloud accounting however, all your data is safely stored online where it cannot be easily erasable. Many cloud solutions like xero will have multiple server locations to keep all data stored safe from any viral attacks. By using encryption software to protect the privacy of your data, it is kept safe from any kind of cyber theft.

Cloud accounting allows you easy access to the financial data. Whether you are in the office running the business, at home or out in a business trip, accounts data can be accessed through any device that is internet enabled. Be it a tablet, a pc, a laptop or even a smart phone you can get updated on your finances with no hustle. No matter what time of day or night it is, this data can be accessed without the hustles of having to drive all the way to the office.

Accounting will normally involve purchasing, downloading and installing different accounting software into your computer. These tend to bulk the operating system of the computers making them sluggish in operation. With cloud accounting however, one does not have to install any new software into their computers. Without bulking your computers with extra software, they work much faster and are more reliable.

With cloud accounting, control is entirely left to the business owners. These solutions combined with the best Brighton-based-accountants will offer you more return from your investment with reliable financial data management.

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